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Mainchin Chemicals, Trusted Global Partner & One Stop Solution for Carbon Black n351

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    Carbon Black N351 is new technology, medium surface area and high structure and high wear-resistant furnace black T-HS. Good processing performance, low heat generation of vulcanized rubber, high tensile stress and good dynamic performance. Treads using N351 have lower rolling resistance than N330 and N339, and can achieve a better balance with wet skid resistance. N351 is not easy to cause degumming when used in off-road tires; it is beneficial to the adhesion of rubber to steel wire in radial tires; the performance of tire cord rubber is equivalent to N326. This product can also be used in high-volume high-oil-extended styrene-butadiene rubber to make steel wire radial tire rethreaded tread. Its processing and mechanical properties are equivalent to those of N330 and N347, and the heat generation is lower than that of N347 rubber.

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