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Mainchin Chemicals, Trusted Global Partner & One Stop Solution for Sodium Bicarbonate Feed Grade

Top Global Supplier of Sodium Bicarbonate Feed Grade

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    Sodium Bicarbonate also known as Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate is a chemical substance with unmatched whiteness and superior impurity profile and its aqueous solution is clear and colourless. It is one of the most versatile inorganic chemicals. Animal Feed Grade Sodium Bicarbonate intended for use in preparing nutrition mixes for poultry, livestock & aqua produce. It is used in feed directly benefits producer profitability through increased layer (poultry) egg output, faster broiler (poultry) growth, improved milk output in cattle, faster growth in livestock & aqua produce. The improved productivity does not come at the expense of animal health; while bicarbonate acts as a buffer to avoid acidosis, it also provides a chloride & sulphur free sodium diet.

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